Nurturing Young Minds Through

Creative Soul Flow

In today's fast-paced world, providing children with tools to navigate stress and foster a sense of balance is more important than ever. That's why I have created creative soul flow sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of young minds. Through mindful practices and activities, I empower the younger generation and the young at heart to cultivate habits that nourish their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Classes For Children

(Ages 2–12)

Join our exciting children's creative soul yoga sessions, where your little ones will embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation.

Work With Me 1:1

In our private sessions, available for both adults and children, we'll embark on a journey to declutter not only your inner realms—your soul, heart, mind, and body—but also your external environment. Together, we'll pave a unique and transformative path forward.

Adult Classes

These online classes provide a nurturing space for rejuvenation and rediscovery, tailored just for you. Expect transformative experiences where meditation and grounding techniques serve as tools to navigate life's changes with clarity, balance, and resilience

Awarded the Gowrie Flying the Kite for Children Award

This award recognises the demonstration of care and a positive impact on children.

Rosetta has been a guiding force in creating a dedicated mindfulness and quiet space for children at our Drummoyne OSHC service. This aesthetically pleasing space has become a cherished retreat for children needing a break from the bustling afternoons of the 165-place service (soon to be 195 places). It's particularly beneficial for children with trauma backgrounds, providing a peaceful transition from school to OSHC.

As a professional mindfulness coach, Rosetta has seamlessly integrated her passion into the service, conducting sessions that teach children to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy, and understand relationships. The enthusiasm from the children, always eager for meditation time, speaks volumes about the success of this initiative.

Thanks to Rosetta’s efforts, we've seen a significant reduction in behavioural incidents and an increase in children feeling safe, heard, and equipped to manage their emotions. Parents have also expressed gratitude for Rosetta's positive impact on their children's social and emotional well-being. Let's celebrate Rosetta for creating a space that not only calms but also transforms young lives every day! Congratulations Rosetta!

Hi, I'm Rosetta

As a Tao Hands practitioner and mindfulness coach, I am dedicated to guiding children towards a harmonious blend of physical well-being and emotional balance.

With a passion for providing nurturing support and care and a heart devoted to teaching children the art of daily health practices through mindful activities in enriching ways,.

I weave together the art of transformative power and positive energy flow through simple and fun mindfulness practices and the joy of yoga.

I find immense joy in introducing children to the world of creative soul yoga. I believe in the power of cultivating positive vibrations and fostering a sense of balance in mind, body, and spirit. Through playful and purposeful sessions,

I empower young minds to cultivate a strong foundation of self-awareness, resilience, and compassion. develop empathy and understand relationships.

It's so rewarding to witness the seeds of mindfulness blossom in the hearts of young souls.

What People Are Saying

"I wanted to send some feedback on our daughter Marlow. She is a child who usually is quite cautious around alot of new situations, so both starting school and also before and after school care has been quite an adjustment. The care and attention that Rosetta has taken to make sure she feels welcome and cared for has been a huge relief for my wife and me. She's fond of Rosetta, with whom she has created a bond due to her caring nature and who has made anxious drop-offs a lot easier.

Thanks for making the first year of school more enjoyable for Marlow."

- DC

"My 1-year-old had chronic lung disease due to extreme prematurity. He was quite wheezy and would excessively cough after merely a few minutes of excited playing. We were informed by his medical team that this would eventually go away at around 2 years of age. When he turned 1, we met with Rosetta, and she did a healing on him. Shortly after that, we noticed a huge change, and within a couple of weeks, there was no wheezing or coughing whatsoever. We are so grateful and so blessed to have discovered Rosetta."

- Katie

"Rosetta is incredible. My 18-month-old son had a very solid lump on his leg recently. The doctor was concerned it may be a mass, so he requested urgent scans but also informed me that even if it was a haematoma, due to the size, it would likely take a couple of months to go down. I took him to see Rosetta for a healing the same day, and by the following morning, it had decreased substantially, and by that evening, it was completely gone. I couldn’t believe it. I highly recommend Rosetta."

- Sam

A Disclaimer About Services

Reiki, Tao Hands, and all the services I offer are not substitutes for medical care. The information on this site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or prevent any disease. You are advised to consult with the appropriate health practitioner in the event of any medical condition. Thank you!

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